BabylissPro Tourmaline Hair Dryer 3000 Review

Almost everyone has used a hairdryer once in their life. Not every person owns it, but they go to the hairdressers. If you pay proper attention to your hair and want them to look good, you should start thinking about getting one. Hairstyles can add much more important to your personality. Hair makes us look different. People may judge you sometimes because of your hairstyle.

Why hair dryers? Blowing your hair after taking a shower, make them look exactly how you want them to.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Hair Dryer
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BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000 Review

Features of BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000

  • Uses far infrared technology
  • Provides excellent grip and comfort
  • For all hair types
  • Multiple speed setting available
  • Long cord of 9 feet available

Review of BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000

When you blow dry your hair, Babyliss pro 3000 would be a great assist for your hair styling to put on some healthy styling product. Try not to use wax on your hair. It makes your hair weaker. Try out the newest technology that has made a tremendous change in the hairdryer market. The product we are about to discuss has a top-notch performance because of its infra-red technology that keeps your hair healthy. Secondly, getting this high-tech baby at such a reasonable price is something you should never underestimate.

Highlights of BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000

Some of the fascinating features of the BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000 hairdryer are listed below. Make sure you go through these features before making a purchase. Look out for what you need. Following are some of the highlights that will explain why you should get this product:

 Comfortable grip:

The first thing that matters in using a hairdryer is its grip. Some hair dryers go hot, and you will not be able to hold them with a naked hand. Such an inconvenience it is, right? BaByliss Pro has come up with something.

They provide a comfortable grip that will make it easier for you to use it and benefit from all the buttons and different features. It has lightweight, so it would not cause much stress on your wrist. It has an especially designed rubber grip that will not hurt your palm while using.

 Infra-red technology:

This is why you should get this. The infrared technology has recorded positive responses in hair dryers. They use an infra-red radiating source such as silicon carbide, ceramic, etc. Babybliss hair dryer uses tourmaline. Tourmaline stones are good for your health. You will get to know about its importance when you will search about tourmaline heating pads.

They emit heat energy which dries your hair. It is better for your hair than convective heat as it has a greater wavelength that goes to your scalp and dries your wet hair efficiently.

Various speed settings:

Here is a basic tip for you. Hair dryers are all good, but overdoing the speed can burn. You should know where you need the high speed and where you need to switch it to a lower level.

This hair dryer has not just two or three, but six different speed levels. Using it at the appropriate level will make your hair look good, and it will become shiny and thick as well.


Simple yet highly functional.

Easy to use.

It gives you effective results within 5 minutes.

Rubber finishing for safety protection.

Comfortable grip for less stress on your wrist.

High performance and on-demand product. 

Efficient and versatile.

Concerns / Drawbacks

It might overheat after hourly use.

There is room for improvement in some aspects.

People struggle with the power button location

Benefits Of BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000

Perfect for frizzy hair:

Suppose you are one of those people who are done with frizzy hair. The ionic and tourmaline hair dryers are your perfect match. BaByliss PRO 3000 is good enough to deal with your frizzy hair. It dries your hair without making them much frizzy.

 Easy control options available:

Unlike other complicated ones, this hairdryer is quite simple and easy to use. It has easy-to-understand controls. It has six different speed levels along with a cold shot button and power on/off button. It is simple yet convenient for beginners too.

Long cord:

As most of the hair dryers come corded, this one has the advantage over others. It is although corded, but has a long cord that will be sufficient for you to use at your home. The cord is about 9 inches long. You can also use an extension for use.

Alternative Option

Even now, if this product is unable to fulfill your requirements or satisfy you, we have another model with an upgrade. Babyliss PRO 5000 is another great invention of theirs that you can consider.

Both of the hair dryers are great in performance and have a lot of similar features, including generating millions of ions through Tourmaline infra-red heating, give your hair long lasting shine, etc. The only benefit of having Tourmaline 5000 is its beautiful yet decent and sober color and design. It has a lightweight motor, sleek white color body. Also, the red color gets in the user, but with the white one, you will have no such issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000 worth buying?

If you are talking in terms of a limited budget, then you should definitely make this purchase. It has necessarily everything that you could possibly ask in a basic hairdryer. They are sturdy and stylish looking. Finding something at such a price seems impossible.

Which one is better, BaByliss PRO 300 or 5000?

PRO 5000 is a better pick. They both are of the same brand and comes with quite similar features. It has the upper hand in the good looks. The color is more elegant. You will be paying more for the durability of the product. It suits short hair more. It has a stronger airflow as well. 

Infra-red damage your hair?

Most of the people come with the same question. They have a mindset that radiations are bad for their health. However, infra-red radiations are actually good for our health, especially our hair growth. Doctors use it to stop the hair fall of both men and women. The tip is to keep the temperature low or moderate. Excessive use of anything can harm you. 

Final Review of BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000:

This is the review on BabylissPro Tourmaline 3000. It is quite a good purchase in terms of affordability. However, some customers have faced bleeding of color on their hands after a year or two, but not everyone. Apart from that and shipping inconveniences, it is worth trying a hairdryer.

We hope you find this review valuable and useful. Make sure to tell us in the comment section!

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