GHD Helios hairdryer Review

GHD is now a part of the hairstyling industry for more than 8 years and has flipped the game ever since it entered. GHD hair dryers are known to be salon-grade hair styling equipment that is used by professionals.
The perfect aspect of the GHD hair styling products is that they can be used for a longer time and it does not stop working frequently.
While we are discussing GHD hairstyling, why don't you check the GHD Helios hair dryer that is a tremendous quality professional hair dryer providing just the perfect results that you want?

ghd Helios 1875w Advanced Professional Hair Dryer
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Features of GHD Helios hairdryer 

  • Advanced design nozzle available
  • Dries your hair in maximum 2-3 minutes
  • Sleek and extravagant design
  • Plastic casing with several standard colors
  • Fast motor and immense performance

Review of GHD Helios Hairdryer

GHD Helios hair dryer is one of those excellent quality high-performance hair dryers that has been one of the most Revolutionary hairstyling products. It is comparatively lighter than the other similar products in the collection, and also, the powerful motor is one thing that sets it aside. It does not make a lot of noise that is very common in most of the other hair dryers.

This hair dryer weighs only 780 grams, and it also has a motor power of 2100 watts. One thing that makes it a lot better than others is the performance that is amazing. Even though it is comparatively more expensive, it is definitely worth investing your money. as discussed already, this is the type of hair dryer that is stylish yet ideal for professional and Salon grade use.

Highlights of GHD Helios hairdryer


One of the major features of the GHD Helios hairdryer is the speed of the product. Normally it is claimed that for medium-length hair, this hairdryer can easily provide excellent results in 1 minute 6 seconds. According to the customers, it was claimed that the hairdryer would not take more than 1 minute 50 seconds even to dry the hair after swim or shower.

Technology and power

GHD Helios hair dryer has a more robust technology that makes it one of the best options to consider. The motor has a Power capacity of 2200 watts which is comparatively more than any other hairdryer available in the market. This superfast functioning motor provides excellent results in no time without any unnecessary damage.


GHD Helios is known because of its advanced design. Because of this nozzle, the airflow is much more precise, and the results are comparatively more accurate. Because of the redesigning of the hairdryer now there is limited turbulence that enhances the results and performance.


Silent and does not make a lot of noise

Amazing and easy to use

Perfect for bouncy curls

Precise results

Advanced construction

Concerns / Drawbacks

Not as incredible as dyson

The cord is not as long

Might take longer to dry longer hair

Benefits Of GHD Helios Hair Dryer

Better drying speed

The head drawing speed of this GHD Helios hairdryer is a lot faster and accurate. Because of the redesigning of the hairdryer, you will find the airflow much more precise and accurate. Because of the precise airflow, you will find how excellent it performs and helps in drying your hair.

The motor is robust


Because this hairdryer is a Salon grade hairdryer with a high-quality motor, the GHD Helios has a robust motor with a capacity of 2200 Watts. You will find it excellent in terms of the performance and also it provides the ultimate results that you need within just 2 to 3 minutes.

Alternative Option

When considering the alternate options, Dyson is one of the major competitors that you will come across. Even though both of these hair dryers are expensive choices and known for being Salon grade professional hair dryers, but the major difference between these is the motor. GHD Helios hair dryer has a motor of 2200 Watts, whereas the Dyson hair dryers have a motor of 1600 watts; however, if you are still looking for something that is comparatively less expensive, then GHD Helios Dyson hairdryer would be an appropriate choice.

The major highlight about the Dyson hairdryer is that it is an excellent performing hair dryer that offers you the ultimate best results, just like GHD Helios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GHD Helios hair dryer worth purchasing?

Well, even though it is an expensive choice but we would still say it is definitely worth investing your money in. However, if you are looking for something for your personal use and you want a budget-friendly option, this might not be a perfect choice. But for professional and Salon use, GHD is the best to have.

GHD Air vs GHD Helios, which one is better?

Between both of these options, we will definitely recommend you to go for the GHD Helios hairdryer. The reason for choosing this hairdryer is because it is light in weight and also has a more robust motor. Besides that, the the enhanced and improved design makes the airflow much more precise.

GHD Helios vs Dyson: What is better?

Even do Dyson hair dryers have been in the industry for a very long time, you can still find that GHD Helios is a head-to-head competitor. You will find it stylish and powerful, just like Dyson, even though there is a difference between the motor power of both of these hair dryers. However, it is better if you go for GHD Helios because of the better results.


Does GHD Helios make noise?

One of the major benefits of using the GHD Helios is that it does not make a lot of noise.

Final Review Of GHD Helios hairdryer

Considering all the features, benefits, and customer reviews, we can say that the GHD Helios hairdryer is no doubt one of its kind, even though the price is super high and not the most affordable option for most people.

But we will still recommend it for the people who are looking for professional options. If you own a salon and you have frequent use of hair dryers, then you must get a GHD Helios hairdryer which is an excellent performing option offering you just the perfect results.

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