GHD Platinum Flat Iron + Review

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To all the women out there, especially those with curls, don’t you curse your hair frequently? Don't all of us want a simpler way to get that luxury look with straight hair?

Sometimes it feels like we are having that bad hair day like Britney Spear’s meltdown in 2007. Mastering curly hair can be quite challenging. You must be patient as well as ready to dedicate a substantial amount of time to get it right.

The answer to almost all your hair problems is the GHD Platinum Flat Iron. Let’s look at the great features and how it can make you look your best in a jiffy!

Review of GHD Platinum Flat Iron

GHD Platinum Flat IronThe GHD platinum flat iron recognizes the thickness of the hair and adjust the heat as well as the styling speed. This product is ideal for modern-day women who lead a hectic lifestyle and cannot afford to spend too much time on their hair in the morning.

The GHD Platinum Flat Iron may look a lot like its predecessor - a stylish appearance with a single button - but it has been successfully enhanced with a revolutionary new feature.

The iron is well-known for responding to the temperature of the hair by closely evaluating its heat for at least 250 times in one second. According to the manufacturers, this feature will reduce breakage by approximately 70% and prevent dyed hair from fading.

After testing the platinum flat iron GHD, the women discovered that they wound up, straightening their hair in just 25 minutes, and the hair looked incredibly shiny. So if you have coarse or dull hair, this product is definitely ideal for you.

When using, do not forget to preheat the iron for 15 seconds. Divide the hair in as many sections as you wish. Now take a section which is about one inch wide and drag the iron down. There will be no burning smell or steam like you usually have with other flat irons.

Compared to the previous Platinum Styler, the GHD Platinum Flat Iron tends to retain the heat in a much more consistent manner. The iron has multiple tiny sensors that evenly distribute the heat.

In the earlier version, you absolutely had to use smaller hair sections and you had to slide it down the iron many times to get it straight. But with the newer version, you can style hair sections of varying sizes.




Quick styling and drying time.

Easy to operate and control.

Safe to use.

Even heating.

Optimal styling temperature.

Dual voltage.

Concerns / Drawbacks

It is a higher end flat iron and more expensive.

If you are used to the old design in the previous model you will have to get used to the new design.

Benefits of GHD Platinum Flat Iron

  • The ultra-zone equipped with the predictive technology sort of revolutionizing the heat styling procedure by generating optimal outcomes in just one stroke.
  • The wishbone hinge enables excellent plate alignment, providing you substantial control to create practically any hairstyle.
  • The progressive and precise floating plates with an exceptional finish pave the way for a perfectly smooth and effortless shine.
  • The nine feet swivel cord and the 365 degrees Fahrenheit temperature allows GHD platinum flat iron to style hair conveniently.
  • The protective heat-resistant plate guard lets you take a hairstyle to a whole new level.
  • The infinity sensors check the heat 250 times in one second and ensure a customized experience.
  • The universal voltage delivers phenomenal performance no matter where you are in the world.
  • Finally, the auto-sleep mode lets you switch the flat iron off after half an hour of non-use for your peace of mind.



Alternative Options

The GHD Platinum Flat Iron may be a tad on the pricier side. If you feel you could not afford it, here are some of the alternatives you may try.

  • Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style Plus Ceramic Flat Iron promises to make your hair look shiny and healthy even after being subjected to concentrated heat. The ceramic plates that are about 1 inch work even for people who have coarse and thick hair. The Paul Mitchell Flat Iron can reach approximately 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • KIPOZ hair straightener not just straightens the hair but also allows you to achieve a wavy look quite quickly. The three-dimensional floating plates clamp down the hair no matter how they are placed. So when you pull the straightener gently, you will notice no loose hair strands left behind. With the round shape, you can create as many styles as you want.
  • FURIDEN hair straightener is noted for its lightweight and user-friendly nature. The titanium plates can reach maximum heat without damaging your tresses a bit. The plates rather lock the moisture in to reduce breakage. Thanks to the barrel shape, you can also curl your hair easily.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the GHD Platinum Flat Iron better than the Gold?

GHD Platinum Flat Iron is considered better than the Gold Straightener because it heats up faster. It also has sensors that, make sure to keep the temperature in control so that you do not burn your hair or have hot spots.


How should I take care of the cord?

When the flat iron has cooled down, gently fold the card in a similar way, it has been inside the original package. Make sure to not wind it around the body of the straightener or your hand of hair.


How to clean GHD Platinum Flat Iron?

Before cleaning the GHD Platinum Flat iron, make sure it has been switched off and is cold. Wipe the tool thoroughly with a clean and damp cloth.  Do not forget about the nooks and crannies.


How to use GHD Platinum Flat Iron?

Place the tool close to the root of your hair. Now gently move it towards the tip in a single gliding motion. For better results, make sure to divide all your hair into several sections.


Final Review of GHD Platinum Flat Iron

GHD Platinum Flat iron is rightly considered one of the best straightening tools. The predictive technology makes sure to not expose your hair strands to extreme heat since the sensors, consider the temperature as well as the thickness of the hair. The exclusive wishbone outlook prevents the hair from getting snagged or tangled in between the handle. It also lets you manipulate the plates as you desire.

In case you wish to purchase a styling tool that will provide you substantial control over your look while protecting your hair, please opt for the GHD Platinum Flat Iron. I hope you found this article informative. Do share it and drop in your views below.

GHD Platinum Flat Iron
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