Neuro Dry Prime Hair Dryer Review

Tired of wasting money on salons to style your hair every once in a while? How about we suggest you something that will make it easier for you to do it at home saving up the time and money investment on your hair? Why not try the Neuro Dry Prime hairdryer for a salon-grade blow-dry?

Are you thinking about how well the Neuro Dry Prime works? Well, it is a hairdryer known for the excellence and the results it offers.

Neuro Dry Prime Dryer
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Neuro Dry Prime Hair Dryer

Neuro Dry Prime is a product that has enough features to entertain you with your hairstyling requirements. This hair dryer is a highly durable option, whereas the rubber coating will save it off from any kind of damage in case you accidentally drop it.

Features of Neuro Dry Prime

  • The Ion generator feature is the savoir for frizzy hair
  • Long cord to help with more convenient use
  • Robust construction with long lasting use
  • Easy set up and simple to use
  • Various heat settings available
  • Compact size makes it easy to store

Review of Neuro Dry Prime

Neuro brand, launched by Paul Mitchell, is touching the heights of excellence because of the top-quality products it offers. They have some impressive as well as high-performance products for your hair treatment and hair care through a thermal approach.

Neuro Dry Prime is one of the great achievements in their product range. This hair dryer has tourmaline ion generation for your hair’s safety and gives you drying of hair in no time.

Highlights of Neuro Dry Prime

Let us tell you some most demanding features of the Neuro Dry Prime hair dryer. The rest is assured on the product that it will make your mind itself to buy it. Have a look at the following highlighting features:


Strong Motor:

In this hairdryer, the motor stats will make it clear how long it is going to take to dry your hair. With such a powerful motor, the time taken will be a lot lesser for drying your hair. It is equipped with an effective motor of 1875 watts, which is quite enough for excellent performance. Apart from the motor, it also has a tourmaline ionic system which will also dry your hair much faster.

Heat Settings:

This machine does not have just one or two levels of heat settings, but it has four different heat settings available. The use definitely depends upon the type of hair you have. Thick hair tend to take a longer time to dry; for that, you can change the settings and set the temperature accordingly. Besides the heat settings, it will also provide you a cool shot. It has a button that will allow you to give your hairstyle a finishing touch with a cool air burst.

LCD Display:

In order to check what preferable settings you have set, you can use the LCD display. With the help of an LCD display, lacking precision will no longer be a hindrance anymore.

It will show the clear readings of what heat setting you will be using or whether it is on or not. This device is simple to use with a high durability factor. They are good for long run use. The only downside is that this Neuro Prime hair dryer is quite heavy.


Durable body structure with robust construction

Good for daily use and offers the ideal value of money  

Powerful motor for excellent results  

Different heat settings to ensure perfect results 

Cool shot button for the final touch 

Safe to use with added LCD screen for easy use

Concerns / Drawbacks

Heavy in weight

No option to control heat and airflow separately.  

A bit expensive compared to the regular hair dryers. 

Benefits Of Neuro Dry Prime

Nozzle and Diffuser:

After talking about all the main highlights, let's talk about the ergonomically designed nozzle as well. This hair dryer also comes with a nozzle and a diffuser through which you can further customize your hair styling by setting the accessories to adjust the air flow.


Ion Generator:

Ion generation feature with tourmaline is an ideal addition to the hair dryer. This makes the hair styling less damaging and helps with frizzy hair problems. This is an instant hair blow dryer that works in minutes.


Clean Filter and Easy Storing:

In order to store it easily, size matters a lot. Well, the Neuro Prime has a compact and flat design that will fit anywhere in your wardrobe. The second thing is its clean filter facility which is quite impressive and enable you to clean the filter easily

Alternative Option

If you are willing to explore options other than Neuro Dry Prime, you can try out the Neuro Light. This device is similar in looks, but the advantage is it is not as heavily weighted as the Neuro Dry. The same motor and strong performance with lightweight! That’s definitely a good reason to buy it.

Other than that, it has a tourmaline ions generator that will keep your hair safe from damage and get them dry in not much time. It also keeps your hair safe and gives you the silky shine you desire. It, too, has four different speed levels and a cool shot button as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many speed settings does Neuro Dry Prime have? 

Speed level is basically the heat settings that you will need to set for your hair. The Neuro Prime has four different speed levels for hair drying. However, the speed level and airflow control cannot be dealt separately. Use the speed with defined airflow. 

How much does Neuro Dry Prime weigh?

Yes, it is a heavy hairdryer. It has dimensions of 11.8 x 11.4 x 4.75 inches, whereas, it weighs between 0.4 to 0.6 pounds. The main reason for its weight is its electrical cord. The electric cord is thick and long, and also it increases the overall weight.

Does Neuro Dry Prime come with a nozzle?

Yes, they provide the nozzle, but the problem is that the nozzle they provide is a bit loose and comes off easily. It becomes a little annoying to fix it every time. If you can bear with that, the texture you can apply with the nozzle is really worth seeing. You can also use the device without a nozzle as well.

Final Review of Neuro Dry Prime:

Neuro Dry Prime is a good product with considerable features. It has a tourmaline ion generating factor and also comes up with nozzle and diffusers. You can use them anywhere in the world without the stress of voltage variation. However, the weight of the product is its downside.

Do you think everything is well defined in this review? We will be waiting for your response in the comment section.

Neuro Dry Prime
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