Solano Moda 1750W High-Performance Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

Don't we all want to have beautifully styled hair? But, what to do about the damage that comes with styling your hair?

We know the battle, and we know that how hard it is to style your hair daily. This daily practice is not only challenging but also very time-consuming.

Hairdryers are one of the most important parts of hair styling tools. That’s why you should always pick the best hairdryer available in the market.

Properly styled hair makes you look different and elegant, so if you already don’t have a good quality hairdryer, then you should definitely get yourself one already.

For perfectly styled hair Solano Moda is an excellent choice. This one comes with the 1750W high-performance motor.

Solano Moda 1750W
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Solano Moda 1750W High-Performance Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

Solano Moda is the ideal choice that you can consider for impressive results. Why don't you check it out now!

Features of Solano Moda 1750W High-Performance Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

  • 2-speed controls and 3 temperature settings.
  • Suitable for every hair type.
  • Perfect grip and excellent support.
  • Excellent results with ceramic construction.

Benefits of Solano Moda 1750W Hairdryer

Below are some of the highlighting features of this Solano Moda 1750W hair dryer that you must consider before buying it. These features might help you make a wise choice between different competent products.


Comfortable grip

The first and most highlighting feature of this hairdryer is that it has a ceramic construction that ensures a highly comfortable grip. No matter how professional a product is, if it doesn’t have a comfortable grip, then it is not considered a perfect product. For a perfect grip, Solano Moda has introduced a lightweight design. This design is perfect because it does not cause much tension on your wrist. Also, it has a rubber grip that ensures safe usage.

Infrared heat

Many people use anti-heat products before using any hair styling machine to ensure safe usage. But, the Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer uses infrared technology that protects your hair from being damaged by the heat and ensures perfectly smooth hair. If you are using this hairdryer, you don’t have to use anti-heat hair products.  

2-speed controls and 3 temperature settings

One of the best features that this hairdryer offers is the 2-speed controls and 3 temperature settings. You can simply adjust the speed and temperature according to your need. The fast-speed mode dries up your hair in literally no time. The highest heat option ensures a perfect style but you can also choose other two options to protect your hair from damages.

Review of Solano Moda 1750W Hairdryer 

When we talk about the Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer, we must say that it is one of the best hair dryers. But how?

It is no doubt one of the most selling products on Amazon, and it is the customer’s favorite hair styling item. One thing that we must say is that it can dry your hair and style your hair in no time. This hairdryer provides faster results than any other hairdryer.

The ceramic construction gives it a perfect look and comfortable grip. While you are thinking about the value, we can say that this one won't disappoint you in the matter of cost. The Solano Moda 1750W high-performance professional hairdryer is available for 300 dollars which is a Win-Win situation for sure.


Versatile and can be used on all hair types

Comfortable grip enabling you to handle it safely

Safety protection with rubber grip

Easy setup and easily adjustable heat settings

Gives you a perfect look in less than 5 minutes  

Easy to use and offers simple control options

Concerns / Drawbacks

The hairdryer might overheat after hourly usage.

Limited durability 

The highest heat option might damage your hair.  

Highlights of Solano Moda 1750W Hairdryer

Dual air settings       

The first and foremost benefit that gathers customer’s attention is that it has dual air settings, and it works efficiently quicker than any other hairdryer. This dual air setting makes this product noticeable from any other hairdryer. With this setting, you can easily set the airflow according to your choice. 

Air filter and AC motor 

The next most important feature of this product is its air filters and AC motor that is specially hand-crafted in Italy. The air filters are removable so that you can easily clean your hairdryer. It is important to clean your hair dryer once in a while to ensure smooth performance. The AC motor guarantees to provide maximum power for better and long-lasting functioning. This is the reason why Solano Moda hairdryers are popular among professional hairstylists.   

Lightweight design with a long cord

Many customers look for lightweight hairdryers so that they won’t hurt their wrists. Solano Moda hairdryer has a lightweight design that ensures an easy and comfortable setup. This hairdryer is highly comfortable to use because it also has a long cord and lightweight design. However, you can also use an extension if you want.

Alternative Option

We do have another choice if this Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer isn't what you are looking for. Babyliss Pro artistic hairdryers are one of the best hair dryers. This hair dryer is an ideal substitute for the Solano Moda hairdryer. The beneficial thing about this one is that it is accessible at practically less amount than Solano Moda hairdryers.

In any case, if you won't get a comparable product, you must go for this one. It doesn't give you comparative temperature setting and heat control, but it is worth the cost and comparison. In the matter of cost, the Babyliss master can give a better choice, yet for long-term usage, we will prescribe you to go for the Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solano Moda 1750W Hairdryer worth buying?

Indeed, this hairdryer is a decent choice to consider. Considering all the benefits, you can utilize it significantly simpler than any other hairdryer. Also, it is lightweight and offers a long cord which is ideal for stylists.

Does far infra-red feature damage your hair?

Many customers are furious about the infra-red technologies that if it is harmful to the hair or not. Well, infra-red is actually good for hair growth, and it does not damage your hair. So, if you are also skeptical about this, you should clear your mind. 

How long is the extension cord of the Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer? 

The extension cord of this hairdryer is 12 feet long.

How many heat settings are available with the platform hairdryer?

There are three different settings available for this hairdryer, including cool, high, and warm options

Final Review of Solano Moda 1750W hairdryer

Based on the above-mentioned features and benefits of the Solano Moda hairdryer, we can say that it is the best choice for you. The performance and affordability are two of the main reasons that you must consider this product over any other hairdryer. Moreover, considering the fact that this hairdryer gives you smooth and silky soft hair in less than 5 minutes is also an amazing feature that justifies the cost. There are more options available on the internet, but for quality and durability, this hairdryer is the best.

Leave your feedback in the comments section below. It helps us improve and gives us a heads up for assisting you in a much better way!

Solano Moda
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